Beaumont Hills Portrait Photographer

Welcome to
Sabii Photography

My name is Kim and I am Sabii Photography. Portrait photography is my passion and my goal is to create beautiful portraits for you as a moment captured in time.

There is nothing more important to me than ensuring every special, intimate and candid moment of your session is covered in beautiful style.

Photography has been an integral part of my storytelling for years. My passion for design, colour, texture, space and light is displayed in everything I photograph. In Sydney we are surrounded by so many diverse locations from rural to coast.


When walking down a street, or on a bushwalk I stop every few metres to document the beauty around me whether it is a stunning landscape, the intricate detail of a flower, a texture on a wall, a unique doorway or a person going about their daily life, my eyes are constantly being drawn to the amazing world around us.

​When I photograph portrait sessions I am creating an image with you as the focal point. My style is emotive, colourful, fun, vibrant and genuine.


Let me create your story, your memory of this time of your life.